10. PHO

Located on Liverpool’s eclectic Bold Street, Pho is perhaps the city’s most easily accessible oriental restaurant, and has options for vegans and vegetarians. A variety of healthy noodle and salad dishes are complemented by a popular selection of cocktails. With easy access to taxi services and the Hotels in the City Centre, Pho is perhaps the best location on Bold Street for an eclectic dinner date. However, it is not as fancy or atmopsheric as some of the other locations on this list, and would be best suited as an early afternoon dinner location rather than as an evening date with your escort.


A location that is better suited to an evening dinner date that also happens to be one of the most popular cocktail destinations in the city is The Albany Building’s Puffin’ Rooms. This establishment offers a romantic atmosphere either in the bar or at the tables, and offers a wide variety of British and International food for you and your escort to enjoy. An elaborate full wine and beer bar as well as their diverse range of cocktails means that there is something for everyone’s taste at Puffin’ Rooms.


A prominent feature of Liverpool’s fashionable Georgian Quarter, the London Carriage Works is an award-winning sister to Liverpool’s Hope Street Hotel and offers a wide variety of locally sourced British food. Located within walking distance of some of the area’s finest hotels and with an option for private dining, the London Carriage Works is a great place for an evening dinner date that is sure to provide first class service for you and your beautiful escort.


Providing an equally romantic but significantly more relaxed atmosphere compared to some of the more elaborate restaurants on this list, the Clockworks offers excellent Breakfast and Brunch services but is perhaps best known for its romantic evening atmosphere and excellent standards of service. The bar serves an array of cocktails and, with a wide variety of food to choose from, it comes as no surprise that the Clockworks is among the most popular restaurants and bars in the city. The perfect catch-all location that combines restaurant dining with excellent bar service, this is the place to go if you want a varied and exciting evening with your escort.


A centerpiece of Rodney Street’s cavalcade of restaurants, Roski specialises in European cuisine and high standards of service. The restaurant often has a romantic atmosphere in the evenings, and has an excellent reputation for providing high standard fine dining services. Featuring some unique and unusual dishes from its ambitious Head Chef, a former Masterchef winner, Roski is a unique Liverpool restaurant experience.


Perhaps best known for being a popular venue for the Beatles in their early days, the Cavern Quarter comes alive at night with a feelgood atmosphere and a diverse array of live music. The Fab Four may have put the Cavern Quarter on the map, but the entertainment and excellent services keep people coming back even decades later. Located close to the aptly named Hard Day’s Night Hotel, the Cavern Quarter may prove an unusual but exciting evening date destination that is especially fun for Beatles fans and those who want to immerse themselves in the Liverpool music scene.


Providing excellent seating for couples as well as a relaxed and creative setting, the Upstairs Blue Coat Bistro features local art adorning the walls and some amazing city views. Recently refurbished with a stylish interior and atmospheric lighting, the Bistro has become an enduring local favourite. Located in a cultural center of the city and featuring some of the best food in the area, the Upstairs Blue Coat Bistro’s reputation speaks for itself and spending the evening here will undoubtedly enhance a date with your escort.


A centerpiece of Liverpool’s famous Titanic Hotel at Stanley Dock, Stanley’s Bar and Grill combines first-class service and excellent food with a truly amazing dockside location. With a cafe and champagne bar, spa and easy access to the city centre and free parking, Stanley’s Bar and Grill is the perfect choice for a night of quality hotel dining in a culturally rich location. For a date in one of the most culturally rich and historic parts of the city, Stanley’s Bar and Grill is the place to go.


Positioned at the top of Liverpool’s West Tower and boasting ‘cinematic’ views of the city’s iconic skyline, The Panoramic 34 offers an ideal location for a romantic dinner date with your escort. Few other places in the city can offer such an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. As icing on the cake, the Panoramic 34 has some of the best food available in Liverpool and it is definitely the place to eat if you want to start your evening with a breathtaking experience.


Combining the warm and relaxed atmosphere of the original listed Art School building with a modern bar, a refurbished dining area and award-winning food, the Art School restaurant offers a unique experience that is sure to impress your escort. Situated opposite the Philharmonic Theatre, close to the City Centre, and featuring some of the best quality facilities and service, the Art School is where the most cultured and sophisticated couples in Liverpool go for a fancy meal and this makes it the perfect location for you to choose for a dinner date with your escort.


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